The Importance of Parks

Parks play an important role for individuals, the community and commercially

Family Time

Parks provide a valuable space for families to bond away from the distractions of technology and the lure of television.

Community Hub

A park is a shared local space where a range of groups and clubs will establish and congregate to create strong local bonds.

Increased Tourism

When considering a destination for a day out, an area with a well regarded park is a draw for parents or those looking for outdoor fun.

Lifestyle & Fitness

Parks are ideal for fitness and training and encourage local residents to adopt a more healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Local Identity

The local park is a natural meeting point and event stage. With many of our high streets becoming generic, our parks remain distinct.

Attractive to Businesses

When parks generate an uplift in footfall, local businesses will benefit from increased residual custom.

Mental Health

Parks and other positive outdoor spaces are widely regarded as key to improving the mental health of local residents.

Crime Reduction

A well maintained and frequented park will attract less vandalism and crime and will provide a constructive environment for youths.

Child Development

Parks play an important role in the development of social and fine motor skills in young children, as well as encouraging an active lifestyle.