Who says business & family don’t mix?

I’d like to say the Greenspace story is one of fortune and intrigue, but it’s not. It’s a story of graft and commitment. Family lies at the core of Greenspace. Our business is a family owned enterprise, and our business is about bringing families together.

The park should be the hub and identity of any community. It’s where families spend real, engaging time together. It’s where people find fun and peace. It’s where children learn to play and socialise. It’s where we get fit (for free!) and where we go to calibrate our minds in a world of competing distraction.

Like many, we’ve watched the decline of many parks both in terms of central investment during austere times, and also from families with the mass adoption of isolating technological activities. We believe it’s a self perpetuating cycle of decline.

Our vision is to stop the downward spiral of park facilities one park at a time.

We have successfully demonstrated through our partnerships with local authorities, that with the right planning, management and facilities, we can help restore parks to their former glory; only this time with a self sustaining model behind them.

Jay Wheatley Co-Founder, Greenspace Leisure Ltd.