The Greenspace Solution

Every park is different, but a typical rejuvenation process will include the following steps:

Parks can be divided into two distinct areas. Active and Passive Recreational.
Active Recreation involves activities such as playgrounds, skate parks, putting and bowling greens. Active facilities require extensive maintenance and cost significant sums to provide. Passive Recreation, things such as floral displays and walks, require relatively little management and can be provided at lower cost

Greenspace understands the difficulties local authorities face maintaining all park facilities on decreasing budgets.

That’s why we have developed a sustainable model to provide our beloved parks with the Active Recreational Facilities their visitors will love, removing the financial burden from local authorities leaving them free to focus their investment on passive recreational facilities.



Greenspace welcome approaches from Local Authorities in England and Wales who as a result of substantial budget cuts on none statutory services yet committed to improve their Public Open Space, as a green lung for its residents and visitors at the same time wanting to generate valuable income to support other services. Substantial sites in Scotland would be considered if they met our strict criteria.

We understand that for many local authorities and businesses, parks can be an obligation rather than an opportunity. Our aim is to solve the funding problem and embrace that opportunity.



We carry out a detailed impact analysis of the area, to include other local amenities, at the same time we will take stock of public option at a consultation stage to ensure any proposals meets local demand.

Only by truly listening to the people and understanding the local surroundings can you deliver a solution that works for the individual park space.


Proposal and Agreement

Greenspace will prepare draft proposals for the site for consideration that will include staged development, proposed facilities and revenue generation. The draft proposal is submitted for consideration and if satisfactory approval to either the local authority or private organisation.

Whilst we provide broad expertise on park opportunities and development, we work closely with local authorities and partners who know the area to maximise our combined understanding.



Greenspace feel that a phased approach is essential that gives flexibility but immediate access at each stage. The programme can vary from one to five years depending on the complexity of the development. The end result will be an operation that will work to a sustainable business model.

The key to developing a sustainable asset is to listen to what the local people want. There are multiple rationalisation points within our process to ensure our work continues to be research led rather than opinion based.



Our marketing strategy is essential and will be part of a our plan to established and raise awareness to increase footfall. This will include exposure in local tourist accommodation, relevant local media and national press and through targeted leaflet delivery. Individual facilities may receive their own launch marketing.

The development of a first class facility is pointless if people don’t know it exists, or judge a park on its former reputation. We take the marketing and promotion of upgraded parks very seriously.



Once our proposals are complete a review, and subsequent reviews, are organised to ensure expectations have been met demand and the programme has been successful. Each review is an opportunity for both sides of the partnership to consider changes, upgrades, expansion or removal of facilities.

For us a new park site represents a large investment and for the parkland owner, it represents a valuable opportunity. We conduct frequent reviews to ensure our interests remain aligned and expectations are met.